Rabu, 20 Januari 2021

Want to Give the Best Wedding Souvenir? Here are the tips!

Many things must be prepared by the prospective bride for her wedding. Apart from choosing the best wedding venue in Bali, it turns out that the selection of wedding souvenirs is no less important. Because the souvenir itself has a meaning as a token of gratitude to the guests who attended. In order not to make the wrong choice, here are tips for choosing the best wedding souvenir.

Want to Give the Best Wedding Souvenir? Here are the tips!

Tips for Choosing a Wedding Souvenir

1. Select Useful Souvenirs

As time goes by, various unique and adorable souvenirs are now appearing which are suitable as a token of gratitude to the invited guests. But make sure not to be tempted just because the shape and color are adorable, because you also have to make sure that the souvenir has a useful value.

This method avoids the souvenirs not ending up as mere home decorations. Of course it will be more useful if these souvenirs can help meet the needs of its users. Some wedding souvenirs that have high use value such as towels, pouches, mugs, clocks, and many others.

2. Uniquely and Neatly Packaged

Before buying a wedding souvenir for a Bali wedding venue, you should make sure that the item is neat and unique. Because the souvenir packaging is neat, makes it look a little different from other wedding souvenirs. As a result the guests feel special when attending your wedding.

3. Adjust the number of invited guests

Before ordering a wedding souvenir, of course knowing the number of invited guests present is a crucial thing to think about. By knowing the number of invited guests, it will be easier for you to order them. But keep in mind that the number of souvenirs also determines the amount of costs that must be incurred.

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Generally, the wedding souvenir seller will give a discount for couples who buy in large quantities. Of course buying in bulk is considered more profitable. You can also buy souvenirs with a larger number from invited guests, as a form of anticipation if damage or other factors are found.

4. Easy to Carry

It is advisable to choose a wedding souvenir that is easy to carry, considering that guests generally come to the party using only a clutch or mini wallet. Therefore, don't let your wedding souvenir make it difficult for them. If the souvenir has a large enough size, it is your obligation to prepare a special bag to carry it.

5. Adjust the Budget

Giving wedding souvenirs is an important thing to do, but don't force yourself to give luxurious souvenirs. Because, you also have to pay attention to the budget you have before ordering it. Luckily, many vendors have provided special prices, so you can give these souvenirs to the guests who attend the Bali wedding venue.

Although it seems trivial, who would have thought that choosing a wedding souvenir would be as complicated as choosing the best wedding location. Because, you certainly don't want the souvenirs that have been given to end up being a display in the house alone. Therefore, apply the tips for choosing a wedding souvenir above as an alternative.